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Brantford Trivia Time!

How much do you know about your hometown?

Chris George, March 17, 2023 // Brantford, OntarioGorgeous Brantford, Ontario. Photo credit Geoff Fitzgerald.


Over the last few years Brantford has seen many changes - the city is booming, an influx of new residents, a few more bike lanes and a bit less greenspace, for instance.  


But it got me thinkin' - "How much do the citizens of Brantford really know about our town?". So let's see, here is a set of questions prompting your brain's recall action. The questions range in difficulty - hmm, I wonder if anyone will ace the exam?


Brantford from above. Photo credit Geoff Ftizgerald.



Q1 - In which year did the Brantford Expositor begin publishing?
Q2 - Alexander Graham Bell confirmed Brantford as the birthplace of the telephone during a speech in which year?
Q3 - The recently retired Brantford City Hall (built in 1967) and is a stunning representation of brutalism architecture, designed by whom?
Q4 - In which year did the Town of Brantford become the City of Brantford?
Q5 - Which former agricultural manufacturing giant once plummeted Brantford into a long-tenured crippling depression by closing their massive factory causing numerous ex-employees to lose their jobs?
Q6 - Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure were among the characters played by which Brantford-born actor?
Q7 - In 1994, which "kid" was elected mayor by receiving 10,695 votes?
Q8 - In what year did the Brantford Red Sox play their inaugural season?
Q9 - Who is the only woman to serve as Mayor of Brantford?
Q10 - What is the name of Brantford's first public school?


Lorne Bridge crossing the Grand River. Photo credit Geoff Fitzgerald.


Submit your answers in the comments, good luck!


Answers will be posted next Tuesday.



Chris George is a long-time resident of Brantford, Ontario who loves to write, observe and listen to French radio.  

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