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Brantford's Timmies Runs Are Getting Rough

From the terrible to bizarre, awkward to odd - Brantford's Tim Hortons.

Chris George, February 10, 2023 // Brantford, OntarioThe most common sight in Brantford - a Tim Hortons neon sign. Stock photo.


Engrained into the very fabric of Brantford's DNA is our insatiable need to be conveniently served coffee at any hour of any day.

No other entity can take care of our desire better than one former hockey star, Tim Horton and his army of coffee depots.

Brantford has always been and will forever be jammed packed with Timmies on seemingly every street corner- which isn't all it's cracked up to be. Today BTOWN is presenting our list of the worst Tim Hortons locations in town... in no particular order.


This Timmies location is an infamous car detail shop waiting room. With a nightly foray of amateur car show enthusiasts complete with hoods up, revving engines and lawn chairs. The nightly exodus of these barely legal street racers can be heard kilometres away.


A legacy location that has stood the mighty test of time, this location clearly could not cope with its retro-fit drive thru. Oft times cars wrapped from one end of the parking lot to the other as they wait for their incorrectly ordered breakfast selections. A parking lot is in such disarray that it routinely leads to traffic congestion on West Street and/or Dundas Street.


Brantford's second most common sighting - a littered Tim's coffee cup. Stock photo.


This may be Brantford's worst kept secret, a place only the most desperate java-hunters dare enter. From its lack of safety to its non-existent drive-thru, this location somehow keeps its neon sign turned on. This locations corner is littered with litter and Tim's discarded coffee cups strewn up and down Colborne to Queen.


In a strange twist of bizarro Brantford fate, we somehow ended up with two Tim Hortons on opposite street corners, yet we hardly seem to notice. Both have their shortcomings - for instance at one depot their menu doesn't include many popular items which seems to always stir up some emotion from patrons. While the opposite makes you enter its parking lot and drive thru only after completing a mini maze of stop lights and arrows before arriving at your final destination.


Which Tim Hortons do you avoid, Brantford?


Chris George is a long-time resident of Brantford, Ontario who loves to write, observe and listen.  

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  • You got 2 Timmies on KGR. Both of them are ridiculous wannabe car show sites. Did you mean North with Basics? Or death trap parking lot KGR south with Giant Tiger?

  • Perhaps you should look at THE WORST of them all…. Market street!!! People sleeping inside, garbage everywhere, etc

  • Hey!!! So I was wondering if you wanted to wire an Article about st Louis bar and grill where equality is not a thing either … most of the staff have been replaced with non -Caucasian staff in the kitchen without any kitchen experience. Those of us who worked there got our hours cut, and it’s these franchiseees who messed with out livelihood…….


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