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Plant Paradise

Roxanna Nazarowicz’s Instagram feed @barnhousejungle is a balm for the grey days when Spring feels so close…yet so far away.


Celeste Percy-Beauregard, March 01, 2023 // Brantford, Ontario


Examples of the beauitful greenery at Barn House Jungle. Photo credit Roxanna Nazarowicz, RX photography.


“Coming from a family of avid horticulturalists and gardeners, plants have always been in and around my home,” Roxanna Nazarowicz says, so naturally, she started a personal plant collection when she moved into her own home.

“I began purchasing plants in the spring of 2020 during the pandemic, at a time where we all had to remain indoors,” she says, “I wanted to have some greenery in my space, especially for the winter months.” In the three years since then, she’s transformed her abode into her own little jungle, consisting of over 200 indoor plants, including Haworthias, Albuca Concordiana, and Oxalis Palmifrons, which she, a professional photographer, documents on her Instagram account @barnhousejungle.


Photo by Roxanna Nazarowicz, RX photography.

Roxanna sources from all over, watching social media for specific varieties on her wish-list, and walking around nearby plant shops to get inspiration – Walter’s Greenhouse in Brant, Harper’s Garden Centre in Ancaster and Secret Garden Boutique in Guelph are a few favourites. “I have also purchased a number of plants from private sellers as well, which is where some of the more rare or unique plants come from,” she says.

Although it takes just under an hour to water them all, it’s a pastime that’s paid off. “It has been very rewarding to take care of so many different plants, but it also has such a positive effect on my mood and mental health to have plants in every single room of the house,” she says.


Photo by Roxanna Nazarowicz, RX photography. 


Roxanna’s tips for plant beginners? “Know your environment. What are the humidity levels in your home? What is the lighting like? Getting to know what kind of light you have in your space is key to what plants will thrive in your environment.”

To see Roxanna’s collection, find her on Instagram HERE.


Celeste Percy-Beauregard’s first form of storytelling was as an actor, and her eager curiosity and interest in a variety of subjects led her to writing. Her work has appeared in Toronto Star and Today’s Parent, and she is enjoying exploring Brantford and learning about the people and places that make it such a special city.

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