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Celebrating Local Women

This International Women’s Day, we’re shouting-out to some of our favourite local women-owned businesses and organizations!.


Celeste Percy-Beauregard, March 08, 2023 // Brantford, Ontario


The first International Women’s Day gathering occurred in 1911 and today, it’s a day to celebrate women’s achievements while also recognizing the need to continue striving for equality.    
This International Women’s Day, BTOWN contributors are shouting-out to some of our favourite local, women-owned businesses and organizations:


Cadence Nixon, local tattoo artist, artist, creative, leader in the community and lead singer of a new local band Ruby Doom.  She is really carving her own path in a unique, exciting and progressive way. The type of individual every community needs to help inspire, engage and drive change.”

– Chris George, Publisher


Lana Burchell is an inspiring entrepreneur, motivating advocate for justice, and shows gratitude and kindness all while mothering her three children.

– Chris George, Publisher


“‘Get Some’ is an adult lifestyle boutique created for women by a woman. Working with the owner, Cassie Gillanders, I saw firsthand her amazing energy and passion. I think her shop will be a great addition to our small business community.”

– Paul Smith, Project Manager and Photographer


“Yawéknow by Chef Tawnya Brant, one of a kind takeout restaurant in Ohsweken serving healthy, Indigenous-inspired dishes. Run by Top Chef Canada 2022 competitor Tawnya Brant, the restaurant name translates to “it tastes good!” in Mohawk.”

– Angel Panag, Writer


Karen Chandler, owner of Penny Lane Paint & Repair is a talented and capable handywoman, and an absolute delight as well! Stay up-to-date with her projects and progress on her active social media accounts. She is currently booking into April and May for odd jobs, small repairs, painting and minor renovations.”

– Maichina Veri, Writer


“Nicole Callander is an inclusion advocate who startedFriends 4 Kindness to help kids who struggle with friendships feel special on their birthdays. They coordinate birthday card mail-outs, host annual 'Unbirthday Parties' celebrating kids who otherwise get excluded, and host a weekly virtual friendship program.”

– Celeste Percy-Beauregard, Writer


“Catherine Ferrar is the owner/mentor of Our Kitchen Brantford which is a commercial community kitchen for a variety of individuals and food related ventures. Her focus on keeping it local and the diverse population using the kitchen make it a very unique destination in Brantford!”

– Sarah Evans, Photographer


"Tracy Cain uses her incredible knowledge of her ancestry and amazing presentation skills to educate the youth and engage the public on the topic of local Black History.

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher


Ashley Sherman from Pure Impact Cheerleading is an amazing community leader and inspiration to young girls and teens. She works tirelessly to ensure that Pure Impact Cheerleading is an inclusive and welcoming environment, building confidence in her students and athletes.

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher


Bailey and Shelby from Lettuce Live have created something really special in Brantford.  Not only are they offering delicious, healthy food options for takeout (while keeping things local as much as possible), they're also solid cheerleaders for building a better Brantford!

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher


Jan Vilaca is a trailblazing entrepreneur, vivacious community leader and empowers women on a daily basis.

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher


Bobbie-Sue is one of the kindest, hardest working pillars of Brantford.  Her spirit shines in every interaction she has with her customers and people of the Brantford community.

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher


Lidia is one of the sweetest entrepreneurs in town.  She is a go-getter, loving mother and an inspiration to us all!

– Amanda Mersereau, Publisher



Is there a local female-helmed business you want to give a shout-out to? Let us know in the comments!


Celeste Percy-Beauregard’s first form of storytelling was as an actor, and her eager curiosity and interest in a variety of subjects led her to writing. Her work has appeared in Toronto Star and Today’s Parent, and she is enjoying exploring Brantford and learning about the people and places that make it such a special city.

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