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She Shoots, She Scores!

On Saturday mornings, the Assumption College School gymnasium will once again be filled with the sweet sound of sneakers squeaking on wood floors and basketballs swishing through nets.The return of Brantford Girls CYO Basketball Association’s House League, a grassroots program introducing females from ages four to 14 to the game, is particularly joyful this September, after a two-year hiatus.

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Before Toronto was ever known as The Six, a collective named The Circle had helped popularize the term T-Dot. Consisting of hip-hop and R&B artists including Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, Saukrates, Choclair and Tara Chase, The Circle was making it known that the North had something to say. The children of primarily West Indian immigrants growing up in Canada, they reflected their experiences through their unique lyrics and sound. The momentum that they helped build culminated in the release of the 1998 singleNorthern Touch. A link-up of Toronto and Vancouver rappers, the song quickly took its place as the de facto national hip-hop anthem. Halfway through the music video, a grinning Ylook appears on screen as Choclair raps, “Y’all know the deal, if you don’t ask my man Y-Dawg.”


During one of the many heat waves of the hot tsunami of summer 2022, Marissa Mae and Judah John meet at the Brantford Skate Park at Brant’s Crossing. The two indie rock musicians make up the band Miss Mae with Marissa, 24, on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and song writing and Judah, 20, on drums, backing vocals, recording and creative input. Together the two create ’70s-inspired indie rock music with a psychedelic, “punky” twist and are one of the leaders in Brantford’s music scene. The band, who has been together since 2017, will be recording their new album later in the afternoon, but for now they are hanging out with BTOWN. We discussed their work, their musical aspirations and the community’s music scene.


When the pandemic disrupted life as we knew it, social media gave a platform for largely self- taught bakers to share their home-baked creations on an ultra-local level. For folks staying closer to home, these micro-bakeries satisfied a craving for comfort food and connection. 


Early on a Friday morning, BTOWN rolls into a modern and modest subdivision in Echo Place. In a quiet corner rests the destination, and, after knocking on the door, we are greeted kindly by Lisa Davis, dog in arm, who leads us through to the kitchen. In the kitchen, we are offered ice water by a tall, well-spoken and astute man. He mentions how he doesn’t like talking about himself, but the next hour has been set aside for this reason, and he obliges. Through his thoughtful and honest answers, BTOWN would like to introduce you to the man behind the mayor. Presenting: Kevin Davis.


There are legendary tales of a place in our community called The Ford Plant and great shows presented by zBTFD at The Train Station Coffee House and Gallery and The Creamery. Denzel Gordon, a Hamilton musician who grew up in Brantford, says the scene in Brantford has always been “hit or miss” and the periods of shows mentioned here were the hits. “Now,” Denzel says, “Bummer Records has the torch and it’s looking as great as ever to me.”


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