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Pokémon Let's Gooo!

Streets of Brantford are filling up with people trying to catch them all.

Chris George, June 21, 2022 // Brantford, OntarioMega Charizard attacking at a local raid.  Stock Photo.


As Covid releases its figure-four-leg-lock on the citizens of earth, fingers crossed, you have certainly noticed all the patios and restaurants filling up. You may have also gone out and attended a sporting event or checked out some live local music. Kudos to you.  

One observation that may have slipped past you as spring has been springing are the steady footsteps of groups of three or more stumbling across Victoria Park and rumbling through our downtown and beyond.

These groups have been steadily growing as young and old try to "catch 'em all" while avoiding slipping into traffic as they are locked onto their screens with the newest Pokémon Go! action.

Whether you’re a complete newb, or needing to rediscover your collection of critters, there is no time like the present to get out and check out some of Brantford's great PokéStops.


Victoria Park in Brantford, Ontario at dawn.  Stock Photo.



The mecca of Brantford, by far the best location to start on your journey. Some easy walking between PokéStops, plus the area is littered with great gyms.



If you are feeling a bit more adventurous for a Pokémon Go! adventure, plan to walk through the downtown corridor as a whole. Daytime walks are strongly recommended.



A nice low-key area to check is between Peel Street and Murrary Street on Colborne Street. Lots to check out, plus stop in at Devil's Bench for bonus material.



The best walk in town is peppered with some adequate gyms and PokéStops along its picturesque river edge. Enjoy a nice day by the water and get to work!


Walking bridge along the Grand River in Brantford, Ontario at dawn.  Stock Photo.


Get out there! Pokémon Go! is a fun way to spend some time and perfect for families. Heading to raids or gyms not in your local areas are fun ways to add a bit of social spontaneity to your life as well.

Get out and catch them all!


Chris George is a long-time resident of Brantford, Ontario who loves to write, observe and listen.

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