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Brantford's Best Parks for Picnics

Amanda Mersereau, July 12, 2022 // Brantford, OntarioA look up from one of Brantford's fabulous parks. Staff photo.


With the warmer weather and the clearer skies upon us, there aren’t many activities more charming than a picnic in a park. Brantford is home to dozens of beautiful parks. Some feature canopies of ancient trees and sprawling fields that are the perfect place to lay down a blanket and enjoy your favourite picnic meal. Here is a list of some of our favourites.


Spring Buck Park is one of Brantford's hidden gems. Staff photo.


Spring Street - Buck Park

This Holmedale attraction is home to our favourite tree! We estimate the magnificent oak to be around 150 years old. Buck Park also features a community garden, a picnic table and a brand new playground for the young ones. Definitely a top choice.


Lynnwood Drive - Mohawk Park

Brantford’s best choice for family gatherings, there is something here for everyone. Featuring several sheltered tables as well as picnic tables in the open for sunny days, you’ll find this park-on-a-lake to be frequented by many on any day of the week. 


Green scape at Brantford's largest park, Mohawk Park. Staff photo.


High Street - Burnley Park

If you’re not a fan of so much hustle and bustle, check out this huge park that is just off the beaten path in North Ward. Lots of green space to enjoy the peaceful outdoors with your favourite sandwich from Brant Food Centre. 


Eagle Avenue - Rivergreen Park

We love this park if we’re feeling like a picnic, but also a great place to bring a baseball and a couple of mitts or a frisbee. It features another giant tree (maybe runner-up to the Buck Park tree?), and is close to the Grand River path for that unparalleled riverside breeze. 


The vastly under-used Rivergreen Park in Eagle Place. Staff photo.


Which Brantford park do you visit most in the warmer months?



Amanda is originally from Hamilton, and moved to Brantford in 2018. She has a background in music, social activism and is usually involved in collaborative creative endeavours of various kinds. 


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