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Brantford's Fantastic Falafel (and Shawarma)

How a simple wrap can say so much about a maturing city.

Chris George, January 10, 2023 // Brantford, OntarioThe beautiful and satisfying falafel. Stock photo.


As Brantford and the surrounding area continue to expand into an actual living and breathing adult city, it brings to light some important questions. How will our infrastructure hold up? Will traffic delays become a daily reality? Will the downtown core become what it once was? Also, where are the best options to get a great shawarma or falafel in town? (For the sake of this article, we'll refer to both as "falafel".)

BTOWN is here to answer the most pressing of the above questions - where to get a great falafel!  Falafel is important to North American cities. They represent something just outside the norm of burgers and pizza. They are convenient and priced right. They pack a huge punch, whether wrapped up in a pita or arranged across a platter.  For a long time, Brantford was a falafel desert, with no options to satisfy the souls of their growing admirers.

It may be a surprise to you that Brantford and area have improved their falafel game over the past few years, with lots of great options in our area.  Whether you're a falafel expert, trying them for the first time, or somewhere in between, get out there and fill your soul at one of BTOWN's recommendations for Brantford's finest falafel:
206 King George Rd.
CT Shawarma is a convenient stop along Brantford's main drag to swing by and snag one of this area's most indulgent options.  A vast menu and quick delivery via common food apps.  
175 Lynden Rd.
Authentic tasting falafel wraps and plates.  Centrally located in the North End Lazeez's choices are plentiful and the price point will make you smile. Bon appétit!

105 Brant Ave.
Brantford's longest serving veggie palace has a few different falafel options on their menu.  Their choices are an easy alternative for people looking to get their first taste while satisfying enough to intrigue any falafel seeker.
440 Colborne St. W.
New to the area, Tahini's Mediterranean's falafel offerings are really changing it up around here.  New, fresh, great tasting options.  A wide range of spice levels and generous portions.
225 Fairview Dr.
Ontario newest food franchise landed in the area a few years back and they are a good choice for all of the standard fare. 


Chris George is a long-time resident of Brantford, Ontario who loves to write, observe and listen.  

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