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Strange Brantford

The Curse of One Market Street

The Curse of One Market Street Fiery lore of our downtown core. Scott Egan, September 08, 2022 // Brantford, Ontari...

Troubled Bridges Over Waters

Troubled Bridges Over Waters Brantford's history of crossing the Grand. Scott Egan, August 20, 2022 // Brantford, O...

Where Do Streets Get Their Names?

Where Do Streets get Their Names? The who, how and why of the streets of Brantford. Scott Egan, August 04, 2022 // ...

The Brantford Subway

In my last instalment, I mentioned the Brantford Street Railway Company and that’s our star for this chapter. 1886 we got the first version. Starting with six cars, 14 horses, a few miles of track and a fare of five cents, it began moving the people. This early version wasn’t without its issues.

Mohawk Amusement Park

Mohawk Amusement Park The party at the edge of town. Scott Egan, July 09, 2022 // Brantford, OntarioPainting of tro...

Disarmoury Square

So, anyway, at the end of 1991 the new police station opened and all was swell. Then four months later the armoury on Brant Avenue was burgled. Bandits busted in and took 64 assault rifles, two machine guns and nine semi-automatic pistols. On the way out the thieves also snagged a pickup and made a clean getaway.
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