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The Multi-generational Tale Of Steve’s Tea Co.

The story of Brantford's beloved tea family.


Amanda Mersereau, January 20, 2023 // Brantford, OntarioTop quality artisan-blended tea available at Steve's Tea Company in Brantford, Ontario. Staff photo.


When you enter Steve's Tea Company, you may be greeted by one of four generations of a wonderful family, and you'll feel like family. Wendy, Steve's mother, who is 91, is witty and has a wealth of tea knowledge and a passion for the finer things. Steve would be happy to help you find the exact artisan blend you're looking for, many of which he lovingly curates in-house. Lana will charismatically assist with any Loose Leaf brewing questions you may have (or any brewing tools you may need) and she is imparting this expertise on her three lovely children. Visit Steve's Tea Company for more than tea, but an entire experience. 


The vast selection at Steve's Tea Company in Brantford, located at 783 Colborne St. E.. Staff Photo.


Steve's Tea Company offers 300 varieties of fair trade, ethically sourced, organic compliant luxury loose leaf tea blends including 100 custom blends. After purchasing your favourite blends or a new blend you're excited to try, learn more about brewing the perfect cup from the comfort of your own home at their website.


Now located at 783 Colborne Street East (Unit 2), they are currently working on expanding their storefront to include a Tea Room. Help make this amazing project a reality by supporting their campaign for Afternoon Tea All Year Round. 

The Tea Room will offer rotating selections of organic, fair trade Steve's Tea and Tea Lattes, as well as fresh scones.

Learn more and support their project here: Steve's Tea Company Fundraising Campaign

Brantford is better because of the independent shops owned by people who are experts in their craft and love what they do, like Steve's Tea Company. Visit them today.



The small business community is booming in Brantford, with many new entrepreneurs and seasoned brick-and-mortars laying the foundation of opportunity for future generations. Supporting these businesses will not only help their families, but Brantford's economical development as a whole. If you are a small business owner in Brantford, we encourage you to join the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce to access networking events, business support and enhance your experience within the business community. 



Amanda is originally from Hamilton, and moved to Brantford in 2018. She has a background in music, social activism and is usually involved in collaborative creative endeavours of various kinds. 


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