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Brantford Sound - My Introduction to Local Music, and How It Shaped My Life

Brantford Sound - My Introduction to Local Music, and How It Shaped My Life Part One :: The Glowing Locker.  Tim For...

A Night At The Rodeo Tavern

A Night At The Rodeo (Tavern) Endless karaoke, dishrag dollar beers and glorious undercooked fries and mozza sticks....

Fight For Your Right: Navigating Medical Racism

There is a lot to be said about the racist pitfalls of Canada’s medical system: how it predisposes racialized folks to harm and disability, how it fails to treat them, and how scarce the solutions seem to be.

Getting Called Out is an Act of Love

Most conversations that confront discrimination are steeped in a power dynamic - usually an imbalance - between a person in a privileged position and someone who’s not. So while being called out for racism is typically followed by feelings of fear and fragility (usually, though not exclusively, by white folks), it involves another kind of fear that’s shadowed by historical punishment and exhaustion for Black, Indigenous and people of colour. But the willingness to have this conversation is an act of love, and deserves to be received 

Shifting Into Black Futures

February, as recognized by a handful of Western nations, marks the celebration of Black History Month. Usually indicated by a collection of palatable MLK Jr. quotes on social media timelines, Black History Month has slowly sagged into a performative gesture, an annual routine to show that you were, in fact, awake for a moment during high school history.

The Importance of Rest for Black Bodies

Alongside those indigenous to Turtle Island (North America), Black folks are the most likely to experience disability and pain.

The Sadies, Final Answer.

I must say, what I’m asked most often is “What was your favourite performance at the FP?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself a hundred times, changing my mind more than making it. If we’re going by favourite band, I think I would have to say The Constantines. Or Andre Ethier. No! Wait! Zefangus! Maybe I’ll go with Kepler.

From Brantford to Bodhi - Jeff Healey's Tale

Recently, whilst on my bi-monthly pilgrimage through the holy trinity of Swayze movies - Point Break, Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse - it was during the latter, in a pivotal bar scene, that guitarist Jeff Healey was rip-rockin’ the stage on my screen.

Up On The Roof Of The Esquire

Historically significant buildings. Habitable, necessary buildings. They felt like a forcefield or moted castle walls keeping us safe in our little corner of downtown, hidden away from the rest of the city.

Fordeus in the Underworld: Digging Up Diamonds In Brantford

Over the years I have committed most of my paycheque, lower back, square footage and passion to gathering as many records as I can. These currently reside in my very patient, numbingly cool wife and I’s, basement. At every chance, I buzz the thrift stores, flea markets, creepy crawl spaces and abandoned houses for any piece of music scarred onto vinyl.

Putting The "B" In Brantford

The Bicycles were a favourite because of the force of their music. The songs were THAT good. But to the Ford Plant kids it was so much more. They opened heads and hearts and put the B in Brantford.

Grand Schemes

This is a story of scoundrels, deceit, a swashbuckling of finger pointing and is ultimately just another embarrassing paragraph half written in the Brantford diaries but is also a delicious piece of historic click bait.
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