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A Convenient Truth

Take a walk through Brantford's otherworldly, independent convenience stores.

Chris George, May 31, 2022 // Brantford, OntarioWaterloo Variety on Waterloo Street in Brantford, Ontario.  Staff Photo.


Convenience stores, those beacons of ease, under appreciated saviours of late night. Ever even think about them in those moments when you are well nurtured? They are quite magnificent, oft withstanding the test of time, signage scarred from all those years of service and entries littered with discarded gum, probably from the late '80s. 


A variety of gorgeous local corner shops.  Staff Photo.


Well, Brantford has some beauts. Our city is well served with very few convenience deserts within our limits. Next time you're out for the late night bar or low on darts, look deep into the soul of your local store - they are truly remarkable.


Chris George is a long-time resident of Brantford, Ontario who loves to write, observe and listen.  


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