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An Adventure in Reading

Taking a tour through our community’s little free libraries.

Maichina Veri, September 30, 2022 // Brantford, OntarioYour friendly neighbourhood little free library. Photo credit Maichina Veri.


Take a book, leave a book in one of our community’s many little free libraries. Little free libraries are a great way to provide access to literature, meet neighbours and make our community feel more welcoming. With about 20 different locations throughout the area, plus a little seed library as well, we invite you to explore your neighbourhood and check out not only the vast selection of good reads, but the original and unique designs of these little homes for community books.



The official plaque of a little free library. Photo credit Maichina Veri. 



A variety of library architecture. Photo credit Maichina Veri.



You're always in good company with a book. Photo credit Maichina Veri.


This one even has a stick library for dogs! Photo credit Maichina Veri.


What are you reading, and where did you find it? 



Maichina Veri is a writer based in Brantford, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Montreal’s Concordia University and has a background in Journalism – Print from Niagara College.

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